How Much Does It Cost to Hang Christmas Lights in Austin, Texas?

For an accurate estimate of costs, it's best to ask nearby installers for a quote. Let them know if you need them to supply the lights, how many you want to hang and other details about the project. At ABC Home & Commercial Services, customers can have peace of mind knowing that if their lights require any maintenance, we'll go out and fix the problem for them. Whether the timer goes off or a light bulb needs to be replaced, just contact us and we'll send someone back to your house to fix everything, at no extra cost.

It's important to make sure you have the right amount of Christmas lights for the size of your house. For example, if the house is 1,500 square feet, you should start with at least 60 feet of icicles or string lights. Additionally, you'll need an extra 10 to 12 feet for each awning. Measuring awnings and eaves allows you to make the most accurate calculations if you are going to buy new decorations.

When measuring the eaves, measure from the outer edge of the fascia to the outer end of the wall. For awnings, measure both height and width to determine how many are needed. The following chart provides an idea of the average number of lights you need based on the square footage of your home. Adding Christmas lights to trees, balconies and roofs is one way to celebrate the holiday.

However, there are plenty of other options to make your home stand out. There are many other Christmas decorations for the yard, such as LED nativity scenes, LED sculptures of nutcrackers in the yard, gift boxes, reindeer and details such as LED crowns. How long you leave your Christmas lights on is totally up to you. Most homeowners start removing them after New Year's Day.

At ABC Home & Commercial Services, we can install your Christmas lights in early October so you don't have to worry about having to fix them later in the season when things are busier. The price depends on the number of floors in the house, on the quality of the light, on whether lights are installed for the garden or on the trees and on additional Christmas decorations. To enjoy a magnificent Christmas show of beautiful twinkling lights during the holiday season, start by finding the right professional and scheduling an on-site budget. Number of floors in the house: More equipment is needed and more security measures have been put in place to install outdoor lighting.

From lights to cables, you can buy everything you need for your outdoor lighting project from us directly. As the name suggests, permanent Christmas lights are permanently installed outdoor lights for any home or business. If you choose ABC Home & Commercial Services for Christmas lighting the following year, your costs will drop significantly as you have already invested in high-quality decorations. Owners can make changes to the screen from anywhere if they use lights that work through an application.

If we use the lights you provide, we'll keep them in one place for next season as disassembly is included in our cost. Linear feet of roof line: The length in feet of where the lights are hung as well as any garden lighting or tree cover. Unlike other options, if an LED light burns out or is lost, the entire chain is still working and the light can be easily replaced. In case bad weather or another electrical problem causes a problem, ABC will recheck that the light screen is on and working again.

Homeowners who choose to buy permanent lights eliminate the hassle and stress of hanging up Christmas lights every year and can enjoy nighttime lighting all year round. The type of lights used by professional lighting services are usually high-quality LEDs that are not sold in stores.

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